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IAUA™ offers the simplest, most convenient means for you to reach your goal of becoming an independent representative. If you are a licensed agent or willing to become licensed, join us and find out how easy it is to build your own independent insurance agency.

Welcome to Insurance Agents United Association

The Insurance Agents United Association (IAUA™) designed so you may build an unlimited income.  

We offer a wide variety of insurance products and turn key platforms so you may choose what right for you.

You will have the ability to recruit and override a sales team and build a business without spending thousands. We have already spent the money and you will have access to our programs. At the IAUA™ you are KING the agent, the days of working for someone else  are over. You are self employed you need these tools to be successful. The IAUA has all the support and products you need.

FREE Appointments* Commission Advances and Unlimited overrides!

We will assist and guide you on building you very own profitable agency. We provide FREE appointments, advances and professional coaching.  For every sale you make you will receive FREE appointments, mailers, Internet leads or call transfers YOUR CHOICE


IAUA™ offers the simplest, most convenient means for you to reach your goal of becoming a successful self employed individual. You won't be by yourself with the IAUA™.

If you are a licensed agent or willing to become licensed, join us and find out how easy it is to build your own independent insurance agency.


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 As a new IAUA agent you are eligible for a discount on IAUA License Training Center - the only guaranteed web-delivered pre licensing training course for your state Life and Health Insurance exam. Complete the IAUA process and you are guaranteed to pass the state exam.

We recommend ProducerEDGETM to our insurance producers, adjusters, and CSRs tasked with managing their own personal compliance. Click the button below to learn more:


I have worked with Michael Gerber Author of the E Myth, Bill Bartman self made Billionaire, 

Ronnie Lott NFL Hall of fame, Rudy Ruettiger inspirational leader, Donald Trump Real Estate Mogul, Dr. Ernie Bodai creator of the first non-profit postage stamp and countless other talented powerful people over my 50 year career. But never before have I experienced such talent,drive and determination that Peter Guzzi the IAUA Founder/CEO demonstartes. The IAUA under his guidance is destine to become the standard for the industry. My suggestion is if your thinking about starting a highly successful business join the IAUA and hold on. Good luck to all and GOD Bless.

Mark Ehrlich
Business Consultant

I have know Pete Guzzi for over 10 years. He is an incredibly gifted business man and the plan he has put together to help

Insurance Agents is nothing short of amazing. Having coached and trained thousands of people and businesses over the years, I would sincerely say what Pete has been put together is no small accomplishment. To say it is incredible would be an understatement. The IAUA has taken the major reasons agents don’t succeed and it has addressed them. There is everything from setting appointments for the agent to offering the right products for today’s market to helping the agents succeed by learning what to do through top of the line coaching and training. I believe that the Agents who get involved and work the program Pete has set up, will be hugely successful.

Steve Thornton

“I am proud to be associated with Pete. His expertise and knowledge is unequaled in the industry. In business today, it's hard to find a person to work with that's 'not all about the money'. He's got heart, compassion, and character to find the answers to problems his clients and associates are struggling with. Peter Guzzi, in my opinion, is the perfect example of what a Professional, in this field, should be.” Scott Graves, CEO Founder, AgvantaCare

The IAUA mission is to provide each Independent representative with the training, skills and tools necessary to build his/her own Independent agency.