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IAUA™ offers the simplest, most convenient means for you to reach your goal of becoming an independent representative. If you are a licensed agent or willing to become licensed, join us and find out how easy it is to build your own independent insurance agency.

About Us

The IAUA is the premier Non-Profit agent association in the Insurance Industry. We assist our agent members in building their own client base and successful Insurance business. We provide TOP Contracts,Professional Coaching,Support, marketing programs, appointments and we even co-sign for our members to receive advances!

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The Insurance Agents United Association (IAUA) is a non-profit organization designed to take the confusion and guesswork out of choosing insurance.

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From Our Team...

" My first week I had 8 to 10 appointments a day". I made 24 sales and many more to come. Your Association is Amazing! With your program I will be in the very high six figures,FINALLY!
John W, CT

This is definitively an insurance agents dream. I can build my OWN agency and have access and support from the Association truly brilliant! All agents need to get on board Now
Michael M. FL

" I just love the array of product choices. This is the best organization I have ever worked with, thank you.
Wendy M.

I have to thank you. My husband has been struggling for over 5 yrs. jumping from company to company. Finally a company that cares. We made so much money we took our first vacation in 5 yrs. You have changed our lives like you wouldn't believe. God bless the IAUA, I finally can sleep at night. To all Insurance agents out there, Join,Join,Join and see for yourself.
Dorthy D, WVA

 As a new IAUA agent you are eligible for a discount on IAUA License Training Center - the only guaranteed web-delivered pre licensing training course for your state Life and Health Insurance exam. Complete the IAUA process and you are guaranteed to pass the state exam.

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