Calculator Assumptions

Please keep in mind since it is IMPOSSIBLE for us to know what someone will sell so what we have done is taken three of our most popular products and average premium. This is how we came up with the totals. Although the commission numbers for membership enrollment are exact.

The number of sales is each agent selling 3 sales per week. One Medicare Supplement, one tax free retirement program and one Final Expense.

Now here's were you will BUILD BIG with the IAUA™. On each one of these referred members you will receive an override on his/her production of products sold. Again 5 levels but with a higher percentage.

Level 1 50%
Level 2 20%
Level 3 8%
Level 4 6%
Level 5 6%

The Medicare Supplement average premium of $2400 per year at 15% commission. Tax free retirement at $2400 per year at 80% commission and a final expense at average premium of $1200 per year at 100% commission.

Overrides are based of level that your recruit is on at time of sale. This simply means how many levels are between you and him. The payout on these 3 product sales are as follows.

Medicare Supplement total override to group is 10%. the levels are broken down

1. 50% of the 10% or a 5% override on your first level ( agents you personally recruit)
2. 20% of the 10% or a 2% override on you 2nd level
3. 8% of the 10% or a .08% override on 3rd level
4 &5 are at 6% override or .06%

For each agent you refer you will get a 25% of his/her membership fee. You have 5 levels with an unlimited amount of agents on each. 2nd level is 10% 3rd-5th is 5% every month! It won't take long before you will be actually making money by being a member.

This is a 90% total override payout for all agents in your hierarchy. We offer weekly training on recruitment that are considered tops in the industry. You must sign up with the affiliate program to participate in this part of your membership.

This example is if you didn't sell one program personally.

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